Playing great Soccer is just the beginning. let's find your pathway to the NCAa. 

We work with players that dream of playing college soccer to build a customized plan & revolutionary resources to help them get there.


"Cory is a phenomenal coach because I know he is always going to push me to be the best player and person that I can be. He knows how to create a fun and trusting environment for his players and I’ve learned to love the game even more because of this." 

James Madison 2023

  • Evaluations with NWSL & College Player Support

    CS Pathway team is excited to offer our partnered NWSL Evaluation program. With every package our members commit to, a soccer specific evaluation will be performed. Where available we will have a player from your home town NWSL team complete your evaluation. We will also work with local college players for evals as well.  

  • College Campus

    Exclusive College
    Finder Map

    We built a database with the recruit in mind. You can find personalized locations, school and coach contact info, conference Information, roster details and previous years record. This Map App should change the game when it comes to finding a school that suits each player. And you won't find it anywhere else.

  • CS Pathways

    Big Sisters Program

    Ever think that just picking the brain of someone who went through the process would be beneficial? Well now you can. Part of our program includes a College Athlete as a Big Sister. It's their way of giving back to the game that got them where they are today.  And relationships like this are exclusive to our CS Pathway. 

  • Meet our Team of Professionals

    Every company is only as good as the people that are involved. Being an expert is one thing...but having a passion about helping the next generation of athletes AND leaders is a priority for our team. Everyone on our team has been hand picked because of their focus on the development and long term success of others. 

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