Featured Best 11

Our Best ELEVEN featured player section highlights individuals that go above and beyond. 


Every member will have a detailed player profile that can be viewed by college coaches. Based on how interactive you are on our site, in your community, at school, and within our extra programming, we will feature our Best ELEVEN players based on criteria that has nothing to do with soccer. The goal...producing good people while developing good players.

Arya Stark

Midwest United-2021

Just Slaying. 

Elsa of Arendelle

Legends FC-2022

Warming the world with her charity. 

Charli D'amelio


Used the Renegade to help kids get into Juilliard. 

Kelly Kapowski


Didn't let her cheerleading get in the way of her school work. 

Buffy TVS

FC Virginia-2021

Didn't go out after dark

Kylie Jenner

Arlington Soccer-2023

Not really sure. 

Cher Horowitz

DE Feeters-2023

woman 2

Made it back from the Valley in 20 minutes. 

Taylor Swift

Richmond United-2024

Used her fashion sense to cure polio. 

Mia Wallace


Shared her $5 shake

Rose Dawson

Real So Cal-2022

This week allowed Jack to stay on the door.

Donna Paulson

Manhattan SC-2023

Keeping Harvey and Mike in line.