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our WHY.

about the PLAYERS.

Our philosophy is clear;

  • Create a personalized pathway built around each player’s strengths and weaknesses, preferences and goals, personality and character.

  • Foster growth in every area, on and off the field. 

  • Match personalized characteristics with a college program that can best foster development and growth.   

We are not a technology company. We are a personal development company. We are not a company that simply matches players with colleges. We are a relationship company with a foundation built on the loyalty and trust of our players and their families.

It's Personal for Us.

Its not about what we do...but why we do it. 

A big problem with the recruitment process is that college coaches want to find the best players. The idea that the best players are ONLY on the best teams is where the disconnect begins. CSP is specifically designed to help EVERY individual, no matter what club you play for, or what team you are on, a realistic, guided approach to playing soccer in college. 

While every aspect of developing your pathway is important, the personal touch that CS Pathway provides will help players excel. From college selection and communication, to goal setting and evaluations, every detail of your journey will involve one of our team members guiding you every step of the way. Every player deserves to have a dedicated team of professionals rallied behind them as they pursue their dreams. This is the unique service that CS Pathway provides.


It's about relationships. 

Then we take it a step further...CS Pathway gives access to career-building relationships and helps develop players into well-rounded candidates for college coaches to recruit. Our team of professionals is driven to help players excel. Each player will have access to trainers, nutritionists, psychologists, and chiropractors. Each is a professional in their field. Together, our goal is to make each player better, more qualified, more informed, and more prepared to make the right decision when it comes to playing at the next level.

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