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NWSL Players Support

Our singular goal is to support the club level player that is thinking about college, and has dreams of playing at that level and beyond. 

So having the support of the some of the best players in the world is an opportunity that we are cherishing. 

Yael Averbuch (CEO and Founder of the TECHNE App and NWSL players association president) is one of the best examples of someone who not only has been through the process, but loves the game and wants to support the future.  The NCAA Pathway Staff couldn't be more excited about being able to work with her and the NWSL pros. 


With this relationship comes a commitment to a standard that is set but a group of incredible women who have been setting n example for years in the soccer world. So we thought what better way to learn from them, than to get evaluated by them. 

So thats what we have done. Depending on where you are in the country, we are working with the some of the NWSL pro players to have THEM evaluate YOU as part of the process. 

All you need to do is so give your NCAA Pathway team member options as to where and when you will be playing (training session or match), and we will work with the pros to get them out to evaluate your game.  We will take it from there.

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